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Well, wasn’t that election a cliff-hanger. Congrats to the NDP/Green coalition.

We here at WestKelowna.ca hope that the coalition will not be a repeat of the tragic time NDP was last in power. A lack of financial knowledge, coupled with exiting investment dollars left us with significant debt. Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson.

We look forward to the coming years as years of improvement for all B.C. residents…

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Unfortunately, the vote split shows a strong division in our community that can only be healed by a new council and mayor that look to understand and provide for the real needs of our residents.As a new city, our growth will be bumpy, and the road will not always be clear. But, with a council and mayor that develop a true vision backed by the people, we will succeed.

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  1. We tragically watch the demise of Alberta under NDP, while B.C. thrives under the Liberals. (Are we biased – not particularly, but we are practical.)

  2. It’s so difficult to get behind the NDP. I’d like to, but they have nothing but criticism, with no clear platform for B.C. growth, funding for our kids, climate change, etc.

    We need clarity, not criticism. I clicked to their website and it’s so tiring: headlines like “Families can’t get kids into schools, paying the price for Christy Clark’s neglect to education”, “Christy Clark failed Port Moody senior forced to wait 36 hours on makeshift bed in hospital lobby”, “Don’t believe Christy Clark’s MSP double speak” and many more.

    It’s sad that they can’t lay out a clear program on what they intend, how much it will cost and how it’s going to be paid for.

    So I’ll stay with tried and true: the Liberals.

    1. @DonnaS – You are a bit harsh. NDP speaks for the people and always have. I’m not sure why Adrian Dix says Clark is only for millionaires, though. Sounds Trumpish to me. As I understand it, it’s 2% less for earners over $150k. That’s hardly millionaires, isn’t it? Besides, it’s the wealthy that invest in our province, triggering growth and the prosperity we see.

      Besides, it’s not a tax break in the long-term sense. It’s merely returning the top earners to the rate they were at a couple of years back when a 2% tax increase was imposed on them. Dix is very misleading, and that’s unfortunate. It’ll never help convert people to the NDP.

      And we are seeing a huge drop in MSP costs. That’s for all of us…

      B.C. seems to be on top now, so it’s a good time for NDP to take over and bring more people-oriented programmes in, don’t you think?

      Maybe you think I’m odd, but instead of criticizing the Libs, maybe the NDP should take a positive approach and show how they can bring additional programmes to all British Columbians – how they can build on what the Liberals have done to create prosperity.

      If only the NDP understood finances, we’d be in the best of all positions.

      I’m going NDP this election, BTW.

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